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Why This? Why Now?

This website has been sitting on a server for years, under various domains and never published.  A blank computer screen is nearly as mortifying as a blank page is to a writer. I think there is a story to tell about the web and people starting with the pioneering days of the Web and marketing and user experience for all.

Kim Krause Berg Usability ConsultantI’m Old

Every time my 9600 baud modem, which was plugged into the land line in my townhouse kitchen, connected to my 286 RAM PC with WordPerfect installed, I talked to people of the Earth.  With floppy disks scattered about and a boom box nearby playing Deep Forest cassette tapes, I dialed up AOL. That was in 1995. Every day I went online cost me a long distance phone call. I was online every day.

Danny Sullivan and Kim Krause Berg
Danny Sullivan and me, 2012

I moderated and managed several newsgroups on various topics, taught myself how to build and promote websites and founded a club, forum and wrote countless articles on SEO before it was called that. In the 90’s there were people breaking new ground, testing and developing software, creating new programming languages, building directories and inventing search engines. I called myself “Cre8pc” because of that first thought I had about creating peace, and it was the license plate on my car.


My Belief

I have always believed that the web can promote unity between people. Web design should be inclusive, secure, non-invasive, and easy to use.  Marketing should be respectful, not greedy. The best relationships are those where integrity is valued, friendships loyal and mentors honored.  Usability is not the death of creativity. It will save your ass someday.


This website is dedicated to the people who were there at the beginning and for those who were not and for me before I forget.

This is what I wrote when Danny Sullivan retired (and then later was hired by Google.)

Danny Sullivan Was My Life Line, Literally