Design and Development Support

Focus States #

Focus management and inert – “Focus is analogous to hovering over an element with your mouse cursor, in that you’re identifying the thing you want to activate.”

If It’s Interactive, It Needs A Focus Style; Transcript of the video is available here.

Forms #

Create Accessible Forms

Forms Concepts

Images and Media #

Accessible Animation Checklist

Captions, Transcripts and Audio Descriptions by WebAIM

Why Autoplay Is an Accessibility No-No – “For people without disabilities, autoplay media is an annoyance, but for people with some disabilities, autoplay can make a site unusable. “

8 Common Image Alt Text Mistakes to Stop Making

Back-End #

HTML – Semantic HTML: the foundation of web accessibility

Color choices that are accessible

JavaScript The Right Way – How to publication

Hamburger Menus #


Accessibility for Hamburger Menu

How to Make an Accessible Hamburger Menu (Video)