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Your Mission is Not Finished Yet

Posted in Mayhem

It’s been two weeks since a crew of ancestors from the other side sent me a message that only I would know was mine to hear. They said I’m not done.

It was at a meditation healing meeting with a friend of mine who works with Tibetan bells, a huge gong, Reiki and meditation to help people deal with stress, pain, and generally a desire to sort things out. Which I’ve been trying to do lately. Sort things out.

When my work load slows down, I panic. It’s a reaction that after much head banging and discussion with my husband and closest friends is directly tied to when I was starting out as a webmaster in 1995 as a single mom. I moonlighted at night in SEO to help me make ends meet. When I was laid off, SEO was all I had. That was a dark time and the trauma is re-lived every time my consulting work goes from crazy busy to a trickle. And with me getting older and not needed as much by an industry overflowing with people who weren’t born when I started out, I wondered if I was finished.

Danny Sullivan Was My Life Line, Literally

Even Danny Sullivan changed gears.

My Swedish ancestors
My Grandmother, Great-Aunt and Great Grandparents from Sweden

So there was this woman who has the gift of being a medium. I usually don’t trust them. It’s very rare for me to find someone who can accurately convey what they hear and see from other dimensions. I know enough about the sciences to know that what they do is not crazy but some people are not well trained to handle their gift. In any case, I listened when she said, “They want me to address you.”

I’ve been asking. You know how you might pray or contemplate or simply talk with your guardian angels or Jesus or the Buddha or whomever you’re connected to?  I’ve been yelling at all of them and demanding answers. Patience is not in my DNA.

The big question for months I have had is, “AM I DONE?”  And if so, what do I do now? Where am I needed? Am I needed? Does anybody give a crap about usability?

She described several people she could “see” and I knew who they were. Among the things they wanted to tell me was this strong message:

“You’re not done with your mission yet.”

I’m not sure what that mission is, other than the original one I had in 1995 when I saw the potential of the Internet.  So I resolved it like this.

I’m not done that thing I’m supposed to be doing, whatever it is, but at least now I know my target audience includes my ancestors.

How many people have that in their business requirements?