How To Do It

The following are quick help tutorials and checklists that teach how to do something you may want to do and for me to refer to others who may want to know how too.


Uncanny A11Y – Extremely valuable resource help for fine tuning ARIA, alt text and much more.

Short note on content-visibility: hidden – “Testing the effect of content-visibility: hidden using a screen reader such as JAWS or NVDA and Chrome 85 turns up some interesting results.”

The difference between aria-label and aria-labelledby – “The aria-label and aria-labelledby attributes do the same thing but in different ways. Sometimes the two attributes are confused and this has unintended results.”

Headings & Accessibility – “In this article, I hope to highlight guidance in implementing headings by referring to the associated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 success criteria.”

Element.focus vs aria-activedescendant – ” When you build JavaScript components, you need to manage focus for both keyboard users and screen readers.”

DOM, Grids and Reading Order for Accessibility – This is a running list of changes and warnings to help code a stable and accurate reading order for web pages.

Video – Understanding The PDF Tags Tree

Making PDF Files Accessible – “Properly structured, PDF documents can be made accessible to all site visitors, including those using a screen-reader or other assistive technologies.”

Creating Accessible Menus and Mega Menus

How to Use CSS for contrasting links colors within text for mouse over, focus states, etc.

How to Create a “Skip to Content” Link


An Accessibility Statement Checklist