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Category: SEOUX Search Engines and User Experience

When Matt Bailey Podcasted Kim Krause Berg

Posted in SEOUX Search Engines and User Experience, and UX Usability

Matt Bailey and I go way, way back to the early days of website design and marketing and have worked together on several big client projects. We have countless funny stories to tell. When he invited me out for a series of podcast interviews, I accepted his offer. He and my husband, Eric, are good friends too. In fact, one year we took our entire family out in our motor…

Show Me The SEO Pioneers

Posted in Mayhem, and SEOUX Search Engines and User Experience

I strongly dislike being the grumpy person.  Rather than pass judgement and acting all cool and arrogant, I prefer to go with the flow. Except when my friends are jerked around. Or worse, I see lies and untruths and half truths and an out right disregard for the truth.  I do better with information, even if it is bad information, because it allows me the opportunity to make decisions.  I…

Keyword Relevance and The Stories They Could Tell Us

Posted in SEOUX Search Engines and User Experience

Google has figured how to perform remote viewing and knows what I’m doing, while Bing is completely out of touch with reality. The painstaking work by SEO’s performing keyword research has intrigued me ever since Google came along to kick its competition out of the pool, creating competitive war games for top positions in search engine results. Unpredictable Search Engine Playbook Changes It is this search engine playbook that SEO’s grabble…