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Mobile Device User Behavior Is A Thing

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If you are interested in meeting your online business, functional, and target market requirements, you will need to understand mobile device user behavior. Google and Bing chose speed as a ranking requirement. Humans have the attention span of a bee. There’s nectar inside the flower or not. We don’t wait long to find out. Fast and Frustrating Every company that invested yesterday in a separate design for mobile and desktop…

The Business Case for Mobile First Design

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If you own a website, who are you targeting? For ecommerce, you may be targeting global sales, so global computer device usage data is good to know. In 2015, ecommerce worldwide sales came to 1.55 TRILLION in US dollars. That number is projected to be 3.4 TRILLION by 2019. Global online commerce enables every business to reach beyond local borders. Ecommerce statistics also show that 40 percent of global internet…

User Testing for Mobile? Don’t Forget Us Older (Wiser, Cooler) Folks

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Last year Google insisted the majority of people on the planet use smart phones. If you dig into the research, this is not true. Source: Cre8asiteforums Discussion To my horror, Google completely ignored me and my entire high school class in their mobile usage research. They also excluded your grandparents and iPhones when they ran the study later highlighted in How People Use Mobile Devices as Per Google. In the…