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Category: Mayhem

Your Mission is Not Finished Yet

Posted in Mayhem

It’s been two weeks since a crew of ancestors from the other side sent me a message that only I would know was mine to hear. They said I’m not done. It was at a meditation healing meeting with a friend of mine who works with Tibetan bells, a huge gong, Reiki and meditation to help people deal with stress, pain, and generally a desire to sort things out. Which…

Show Me The SEO Pioneers

Posted in Mayhem, and SEOUX Search Engines and User Experience

I strongly dislike being the grumpy person.  Rather than pass judgement and acting all cool and arrogant, I prefer to go with the flow. Except when my friends are jerked around. Or worse, I see lies and untruths and half truths and an out right disregard for the truth.  I do better with information, even if it is bad information, because it allows me the opportunity to make decisions.  I…