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Category: CD Conversions Design

Break the Old Habits for Conversions Design

Posted in CD Conversions Design, and UCD User Centered Design

Emulating what we are familiar with in the physical world is not working for the Internet dimension. Is there another way? I went to the past to find clues. Respect for People The concept of ownership was not part of the belief system for early Native American Indians.  They did not believe they owned the land.  They used trees, rivers and mountains to mark borders and navigate their surrounding instead…

Where is Your Service Desk?

Posted in CD Conversions Design

A food shopping chain in my area places the customer service desk directly on the opposite side of the cash registers where cashiers can get fast help. Where is your service desk? I once had a vegetable my cashier could not identify, even though I knew what it was. He turned and yelled across to the woman hustling over at the customer service desk for help to verify what I told…