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Is Your Website at Risk of an Accessibility Lawsuit?

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A spike in accessibility lawsuits against websites and web based software has many web site owners worried they may be at risk. The threat of being sued by someone who is unable to use your website or software is quite real.  Many people recall the 2005 lawsuit against the USA department store chain, Target, by the National Federation for the Blind.  Three years later, Target Corporation settled the class action…

Design for Accessibility is a PITA

Posted in AX Accessibility

I strive to build web sites that pass the most basic accessibility guidelines because ethically this is the right choice for the best user experience for every visitor. But, the reality is that with the ease of tossing up a website theme in WordPress, or any CMS (Content Management System), the whole idea takes a back seat to conversions, digital marketing and finding the best plug-ins. And let’s not forget…