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The Business Case for Mobile First Design

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If you own a website, who are you targeting? For ecommerce, you may be targeting global sales, so global computer device usage data is good to know. In 2015, ecommerce worldwide sales came to 1.55 TRILLION in US dollars.

That number is projected to be 3.4 TRILLION by 2019. Global online commerce enables every business to reach beyond local borders. Ecommerce statistics also show that 40 percent of global internet users, or roughly 1 BILLION buyers, made a purchase online.

You may be thinking that your desktop or laptop will meet the needs of your global market. So, let’s continue to investigate.

According to one article Google, 60 percent of searches are now performed by mobile devices.  However, that percentage is not universally accepted. What is more compelling is the argument for multiple device usage, a user behavior where certain tasks are more commonly performed or started from a handheld device such as a cell phone and completed later in a desktop or laptop.
There is no doubt that mobile use is being studied. Adobe released its latest findings for Europe in February 2017.

However, smartphone visits continue to grow, increasing in Europe by 156% since 2014. In comparison, traffic from desktop and laptop computers fell by 25% in the same period, while tablet visits increased by 6% but the share of visits remained fairly static. — Adobe

For ecommerce, the trends are worth following. Adobe reports that smartphone traffic and revenue for retail will overtake desktop by the first quarter of 2018.

North and South America and Europe have the highest mobile broadband penetration rate at just under 80%. The global average is 50%. Half of the planet’s human inhabitants has a cell phone. In some countries, the technological infrastructure is weak, enabling a dependency on mobile. This has helped with online banking and sending emergency broadcasts during a crisis.

With so many prospects available, the opportunities are wide open for you to create something unique, competitive and popular.

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