Small Businesses Can’t Afford Website Accessibility ADA Lawsuits

Posted by Kim Krause Berg cre8pc    Updated

An ADA accessibility lawsuit for a website can be the kiss of death for a small online business, or startup.

Accessibility advocates try to educate anyone considering owning a website for their business, but the reality is that most view accessibility as too expensive to implement, or is taken care of automatically by their theme, host, plugin, or widget.

It’s a shock when they learn their website may be legally required to meet accessibility compliance.

Most countries address equal rights and non-discrimination for businesses, including websites.

Website Owners Are Responsible for Their Websites

Owning a business requires protecting your assets, meeting local, state, and federal laws, and providing a safe and secure customer experience. This is true for brick and mortar businesses as well as digital.

There is no insurance company that will cover you if you are sued for not having an accessible website. You will bear the legal costs.

The use of accessibility plugins and widgets are the strongest indicator that a business was not built to be accessible or tested by an accessibility specialist.

There is no substitute for accessibility testing.

Should your business be sent a demand letter or served with an ADA lawsuit, it helps you to have your ducks in a row by providing proof that your website was tested by an accessibility specialist or is in the process of remediation.

Educate yourself on website accessibility by seeking out trusted professionals who work in the field.

Accessibility advocates are ready to help you make your business a success and will fight for you because they care.