Website Accessibility Services

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I included basic accessibility as part of my website usability reviews starting in 2001. That was when I was still moonlighting as an SEO, who branched off into usability and blended the two standards and methods into what I called “Holistic SEO and UX”.

Today, I am certified in several areas of web site accessibility, providing WCAG and Section 508 assistance to website owners. As more companies understand the conversions value of inclusive design for usability, SEO and accessibility, they seek someone to guide them on best practices.

Quick Accessibility Check for Peace of Mind

I provide an affordable Website Accessibility Threat Assessment Check. It is offered through my business website and also by my partner, Hochman Consultants. This option is designed for small businesses on tight budgets, and the web designers who support them. The report offers insights into any problem areas that need addressing. For additional help, if needed, we discuss how to help you in ways you are comfortable with.

Full Website Accessibility Site Checks or Audits

There are always new guidelines for accessibility coming out. The next round of official WCAG guidelines is in draft mode now. The last update, WCAG2.1, was due to mobile design and addressing additional needs for disabled persons.

Is your website keeping up with web site accessibility compliance? The site audits are offered by a customized proposal after we discuss your needs and goals. I’m dedicated to making your website accessibility investment lucrative for you. No accessibility site audit is cookie cutter. The reports are confidential and created specifically for your website requirements.

Reach out to me after exploring more information about website accessibility site audits on my company website. I also provide this service through my partner, Hochman Consulting, as part of the many web site services and usability services we provide.