Kim’s Notes November 21, 2019

Posted by Kim Krause Berg cre8pc    Updated

When using images for text that describes an action the user takes, describe that action in the alt attribute text.

A logo alt can simply say the brand name. Do not stuff keywords in logo alt attributes.

Avoid putting navigation links in text. They may not resize properly and become unreadable when magnified.

Ads with text – put all the content in the image into the alt attribute.

The title attribute can be used to provide advisory information. It does not replace the alt attribute.


Screen reader users can navigate by iframes.

Each iframe needs a title for screen readers. <iframe title=”YouTube Video – Topic” src=”video.html”></iframe>


When adding video to a web page, you can link to the transcript below the video, or put the transcript in full below the video. If a lot of content, create a 400px div with scrollbar.

Audio descriptions are an audio track with a narrator explaining what is happening when there are gaps in the dialogue or other sounds of the movie.