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It's Always Been About You

Usability, Accessibility, SEO - The Holistic Approach to Web Design

The Web Will Unify People

That was my first thought that day in 1995 when I dialed up the Web and realized its potential.  

Blank Computer ScreenIn the 90's people were breaking new ground, testing and developing software, creating new programming languages, building directories and inventing search engines and making websites.

I was there when we called it "website promotion", not SEO. I began practicing, writing about, teaching and speaking on Holistic UX and SEO in 2000 and in 2001 I added accessibility to my pile of passions. Mobile device design, applications and marketing work best when they embrace accessibility, searcher behavior, and user behavior. The user is out there, no matter what new technology we create.  

I am a web site consultant with over 20 years experience as a cross trained practitioner from both sides of the track. Through my client work at Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC I've learned a great deal from every website I've been assigned to help. As the founder of Cre8asiteforums, I've met designers, business owners and marketers from all over the globe.

You Are Fascinating

I think there is a story to tell about the web.  We once had basic gray backgrounds and cell padding. Today we have voice activated technology. You are out there and many of us want to build better websites for you.

- - Kim Krause Berg, Why Now?