For people who work with websites and the rest of us who want to use them.

Monitor that says by Kim Krause Berg on the screen.

The User Is Out There is a repository project of knowledge on the topics of website usability and accessibility for web design.

Pull Out The Bottom Drawer

This website is a work in progress.  I have stockpiled nearly 25 years of web stuff in various online databases and home computers. This website will grow as I cull and move the good stuff over here. 

My name is Kim. I built my first website in 1995. My kids were little then, and while they slept at night, I watched the X-Files and taught myself a career that went like this: Webmaster, Website Promotion, User Interface Engineer, SEO, Community Founder, Software QA Usability Engineer, Human Factors, Accessibility, Usability Testing, Blogger, Business Owner, Consultant, Industry Writer, Conference Speaker, Sr. Consultant, Accessibility Advocate Mom.
Head shot of Kim.
Kim Krause Berg