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Gathering resources for people who build websites so the rest of us can use them.

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What Is The Bottom Drawer Resource Directory?

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The User Is Out There is a repository project of knowledge on the topics of website usability and accessibility for web design.

This web project is a work in progress. I have a mess of helpful content to sort through. The User is Out There will grow as I dig through the bottom drawer and move the good stuff over here. 

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Kim Krause Berg, CPACC Accessibility and Usability Specialist

My name is Kim. I built my first website in 1995. My kids were little then, and while they slept at night, I watched the X-Files and taught myself a career that went like this:
Webmaster, Website Promotion, User Interface Engineer, SEO, Community Founder, Software QA Usability Engineer, Human Factors, Accessibility, Usability Testing, Blogger, Business Owner, Consultant, Industry Writer, Conference Speaker, Sr. Consultant, Accessibility Advocate and IAAP CPACC Accessibility and Usability Specialist, Mom.

On December 24, 2020 Kim Krause Berg was awarded with the prestigious distinction of earning her certification by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

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Recent Brain Dumps From the Blog
  • Mentors On Tap Video Chat with Kim Krause Berg on Accessibility
    “Kim is the preeminent authority on anything to do with usability and accessibility. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find it and I assure you, having done a little bit of digging into it, she’ll find it a lot faster than I will because it’s not an easily grasped area of expertise by any means.” — “Doc”
  • Popular Confusing Accessibility Design Stuff
    Certain issues or problems come up in either accessibility audits, testing or discussions with accessibility people. Here are some recent additions to the Bottom Drawer but put here for fast finding. Audio tracks for videos confuse people. Do we need captions? Transcripts? A separate audio track? Read Audio Description of Visual Information When a screen reader announces sections, what does this mean? I put this into the ARIA folder of the Bottom Drawer – When and how to use the…
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