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The User Is Out There is a repository project of knowledge on the topics of website usability and accessibility for web design.

This website is a work in progress.  I have stockpiled nearly 25 years of web stuff in various online databases and home computers. This website will grow as I cull and move the good stuff over here. 

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Kim Krause Berg, Accessibility and Usability Specialist

My name is Kim. I built my first website in 1995. My kids were little then, and while they slept at night, I watched the X-Files and taught myself a career that went like this:
Webmaster, Website Promotion, User Interface Engineer, SEO, Community Founder, Software QA Usability Engineer, Human Factors, Accessibility, Usability Testing, Blogger, Business Owner, Consultant, Industry Writer, Conference Speaker, Sr. Consultant, Accessibility Advocate

Blog Updates

I add resources to the Bottom Drawer often and write articles less often. Feel free to follow along or subscribe for updates.

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  • A New Fun Video and Amazing Article on Color and Sound
    Recent additions to the Bottom Drawer include: Webbed Brief is a funny new video series that teaches and makes you laugh at the same time. Find it in Videos Converting visual design principles into their audio counterparts is amazing. Care to color sound? Find in Usabilitiy and User Experience Follow the updates to accessibility guidelines and laws for Canada and the UK in Global Accessibility Laws
  • Small Businesses Can’t Afford Website Accessibility ADA Lawsuits
    An ADA accessibility lawsuit for a website can be the kiss of death for a small online business, or startup. Accessibility advocates try to educate anyone considering owning a website for their business, but the reality is that most view accessibility as too expensive to implement, or is taken care of automatically by their theme, host, plugin, or widget. It’s a shock when they learn their website may be legally required to meet accessibility compliance. Most countries address equal rights…
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Want to learn more about how to prevent your website from accessibility lawsuits or demand letters? Find out during my session at SEJ eSummit on Jan 12, called THE EMERGENCY GUIDE TO WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY COMPLIANCE.

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